Our Tribe

Chike Nutrition is totally committed to making high quality, ridiculously delicious protein iced coffee. But, to our team, it’s way bigger than that! Our customers are the real reason we’re in business.

At Chike, we are committed to the do the following:

  • Pick you up - YOU make things happen. You are the one people rely on. Chike keeps you firing on all cylinders, a healthy and delicious jumpstart, so you can get back to crushing your goals.
  • Lift you up - Feel free to lean on us because we are committed to supporting you, educating you, and accompanying you all the way to the very best version of yourself.
  • Pour into you - Our reason for existing is so that you don’t have to decide between the right thing and the delicious thing. We make it easy to treat yourself. With Chike as your daily dose of self-love, your cup will remain full. (P.S. you deserve it.)

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