What is Chike?

July 26, 2016

Chike is actually our company name (short for Chike Nutrition). Our core product is a high protein, low carb, meal replacement shake that comes in five flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana & orange). Each 8oz serving of our meal replacement is fortified with 28 grams of medical-grade whey protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, and 23 vitamins and minerals. It can be used as a healthy alternative to breakfast, a midday snack, or a smart way to indulge a late-night craving. This also makes it an ideal pre-operative weight loss shake or post-operative meal replacement for weight loss surgery patients.

Most recently, we've released our newest product, Chike Iced Coffee. Each 10oz serving contains 2 shots of espresso coffee, 20 grams of whey protein, 23 vitamins & minerals & only two grams of sugar. It's the perfect drink to kick start your mornings or fight the midday slump.

Complete nutritional information for all Chike products can be found in our online store.